Meet one of our latest exhibitors of RoboBusiness Europe / TUS Expo: AquaSmartXL – Your smart pair of eyes on the water!

AquaSmartXL’s small-sized aquatic drone helps to observe assets as well as their surrounding environment on a regular basis and at locations where conventional technologies cannot be applied; either because these technologies are too dangerous, too expensive or simply not practical to use.

Small in size, big in flexibility. The AquaDrone helps to:

  • Observe places more often in a cost-effective way;
  • Look at assets from different (and difficult) angles;
  • Explore places that are difficult or impossible to reach by conventional vessels or divers.

The AquaDrone can complement or even replace visual inspections on location. As the AquaDrone sends real-time video information to the user, the person carrying out the inspection can see exactly what the drone sees and look around freely — but from a safe and comfortable position! This saves time, reduces costs and improves safety.

More info about AquaSmartXL can be found on

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