The Unmanned Systems Expo & RoboBusiness Europe: 
a fully integrated business-to-business drones and robotics trade show and conference including an outdoor drone show

Presenting the future of robotics and drones

Robo Business Media organizes The Unmanned Systems Expo (TUS Expo) and RoboBusiness Europe, in collaboration with RoboValley from 19-21 April in the World Forum The Hague, the Netherlands.

World renowned keynote speakers, entrepreneurs and distinguished VIP guests will be present at the Grand Opening of the third edition of The Unmanned Systems (TUS) Expo and the fifth edition of RoboBusiness Europe on 19 April. His Royal Highness Prince Constantijn of the Netherlands, special envoy of Startup Delta will be on stage. Kim Liebregts of Tesla Motors, Noel Sharkey of Responsible Robotics Foundation and Melonee Wise of Fetch Robotics – big names in the world of robotics – will make the Grand Opening truly memorable.

During the First International Robotics Week,  two popular business events join forces and become one, fully integrated, multi-layered event – in fact one of the largest business-to-business drones and robotics events in Europe. Thousands of visitors from all around the world will attend, among hundreds of companies, research institutes and governmental organizations who will be displaying their latest innovations and products in the fields of robotics and unmanned systems, such as drones, aquatic drones and other autonomous vehicle systems.

An extensive conference program and exhibition are scheduled for the three-day event. More than sixty world renowned speakers – entrepreneurs and scientists from all over the world – give Grand Keynotes and discuss the future of robotics and drones in TechCrunch style, during panel discussions, interacting with the professional public.

The implementation of robotics and drones is taking off at high speed. There are almost no limits to the possibilities: robots for healthcare, agribusiness, surveillance, autonomous harbors, intralogistics, driverless vehicles. The number of inventions and new applications is growing exponentially. A special start-up event focuses on young unmanned systems and robotics entrepreneurs, giving them an opportunity to network with investors and win €20,000.

In addition to the general program, several side summits and dedicated workshops are taking place at the World Forum, such as a high-level SESAR Joint Undertaking U-Space Workshop, ROS Industrial Summit and a special workshop of Hydrographic Society Benelux. Drones and robotics are different research fields but are gradually growing towards each other. The robotics and drone specialists can share valuable information, as they often have to tackle similar technological problems.

The municipalities of Delft, The Hague, Rotterdam and Katwijk are actively involved in the First International Robotics Week. A spectacular live drone demo is planned at former naval airfield Valkenburg (Katwijk) on Thursday 20 April. At the Rotterdam dry docks of RDM Rotterdam, a special presentation on the theme Autonomous Harbor is held on Friday 21 April, featuring a splashing display of the latest aquabot technology.

RoboBusiness Europe and TUS Expo are powered and hosted by RoboValley, initiated by TU Delft Robotics Institute. Arthur de Crook, Managing Director at RoboValley: “We are the host of the First International Robotics Week and act as knowledge partner. This fully integrated event provides a unique opportunity for the Netherlands to claim its position and role at the forefront of robotics innovations currently taking place at such a record speed.”

Niels Westendorp, Co-Founder of Robo Business Media: “Combining these two events provides companies, research institutes and government organizations of both robotics and drone industries a chance to work together, to learn from each other and of course to do business. There is so much happening right now. Robotics and drones will play a very important role in our future. They will have huge impact on our society, so it is vital we manage the global implementation in a responsible way. ”

Conference tickets and exhibition tickets are still available and can be purchased at the entrance of the World Forum on Wednesday 19 April – Friday 21 April.


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