Theme Intralogistics

The following speakers are confirmed for the Intralogistics session:

Chair Martijn Wisse (Delft University of Technology)

Tom Bonkenburg (St. Onge Company)

Title: Will robotics be the next disruptive technology in the area of supply chain and distribution?

Abstract:Mr. Bonkenburg will discuss the latest available robotic technology, talk about the companies that are using this technology, and what the supply chain professional needs to know now about the possible future impact of this rapidly developing industry.

Matthew Rendall  (OTTO Motors, a division of Clearpath Robotics Inc.)

Title: How to Build and Scale an Industrial Robotics Business

Abstract: 1.3 million Industrial robots will enter service by 2018 as a response to Industry 4.0. Demand is high, supply is increasingly more competitive, and businesses are forced to make an impact with reliable solutions. This session will explore the building blocks needed to prepare your business for success, from bootstrapping a prototype to raising your first investment to growing at an industry-leading pace. Learn from an industry expert and discover how to launch and scale a disruptive industrial robotics business.

Frederik Brantner (Magazino)

Titel: Pick-by-Robot: how perception driven robots revolutionize E-Commerce warehousing

Abstract: Perception driven robots are already operating in the first warehouses and picking orders from online shops. How do such robots work? What kind of benefits do they provide for warehouses/3PL? How does AI help to make the robots better and smarter?

Koenraad Van De Veere (Phaer)

Title: 3D imaging technologies for robot vision

Abstract:  automatd imaging or ‘vision’ is one of the enabling technologies for robot based automation in logistics. Provide a machine the ability “to see”, is a door opener for autonomous interaction between a robot and it’s environment. Vision technology offers production- and logistic service companies the potential to cope with incrasing production demand and flexibility, while product quality and ‘cost’ need to stay in control. In his presentation, Koenraad Van de Veere will explain the technical characteristics and the pro’s en con’s of different 3D imaging technologies for robot control. You will gain insight in the difference between most used industrial 3D imaging techniques for this application field. You will take with you some key insights to keep in mind for the day you involve yourself in the selection, design or application of a 3D imaging system for robot control.

 Tim Ensor (Tharsus)

Title: Delivering promises – a tough job for robots in logistics?

Abstract: With the explosion of online retail and the natural fit of robotics with the job of moving physical materials, it’s no surprise that we’re seeing a surge in robots being developed for the logistics sector.  However, within logistics, there are many use-cases with different requirements and economics.  Whilst there are common themes, one size does not fit all.

I’ll take a look at a number of different approaches being taken and consider which approaches are best suited to different logistic requirements.  I’ll also give some thoughts on robotic applications that can be put into service today and areas where challenges remain to deliver on the promises being made by proponents of robotics.


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