Richard van der Linde

Richard van der Linde (1970) is Co-founder of Lacquey in 2010 – a Delft University startup with one major gripper patent. After various projects in food industry Lacquey found a strategic partner in FTNON in 2015, backed up by Private Equity from Acitive Capital Company. The first robotic iceberg decoring module was tested for lettuce production for Burger King in 2016. The company, now called FTNON Delft, now sells robotic decoring cells world wide.

Richard van der Linde started at the Delft University after his PhD as assistant Professor in Biorobotics with an honory Veni Vidi Vichi Grant. After working in High Tech Aerospace industry for 6 years, and leading Dutch public private research programs for 5 years he decided to become a robot entrepreneur.

Track: Advances in robotic fresh cut food processing

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