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Koenraad van de Veere

Koenraad Van de Veere graduated as an engineer in Electricity, automation and robotics at KIHO Gent in 1992. In 1993 he got his master degree in business administration at the Univercity of Lille (France). Troughtout his carreer, he has brought products to market for technolology leading manufacturers. First in the media and medical industry, the since 17 years in the machine vision indiustry. Providing vision components and ‘vision application developmentsupport services’ has become his core business and -competence. Since more than seven years, his company Phaer has specialised in 3D vision technologies for robot- and machine control. In the mean time time, Koenraad Van de Veere has an extensive track record of customers who succesfully accomplished the realisation of a 3D robot-vision system which is deployed in an industrial environment. Van de Veere is a strong believer that a comfortable society requires a strong ‘value creating industry’ which finances that comfort. He’s convinced that the ability to make ‘machines see’ contributes to that ‘vision’.

Track: Intralogistics

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