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What is RoboBusiness Europe 2018?

RoboBusiness Europe is all about exploring exciting innovations in robotics. The speed of innovation has never been faster. More powerful silicon chips, digital sensors, and high-bandwidth communications are advancing robotic technologies and applications. RoboBusiness is the place to meet meaningful contacts and gain insights on the latest developments.

Where will RoboBusiness Europe 2018 be held?

Postillion Convention Centre WTC Rotterdam
Beursplein 37
3011 AA Rotterdam
The Netherlands

When will RoboBusiness Europe 2018 take place?

RoboBusiness Europe  will take place from Tuesday 13 February until Thursday 15 February 2018.

What are the opening hours?
Tuesday February 13 10:00-17:00 Live Demo  Day
Hangaar2 / Valkenburg Naval Air Base
Evening Welcome Event
Wednesday February 14 09:00-17:00 Exhibition & Conference
18:00-21:00 Evening Program
Thursday February 15 09:00-17:00 Exhibition & Conference
How can I register for RoboBusiness Europe?

You can register online or on site during the Exhibition and Conference. Please provide your information to register for our Exhibition or to buy tickets / day passes for the Conference.

If you are an industry professional, you can register for a free entrance ticket to the Exhibition. The deadline for this registration is 9 February 2018.

What do I have to do if I want to visit all days of RoboBusiness Europe 2018?

Simply register and your Exhibition ticket will be valid all days.

Is it possible to register all my colleagues at once?

Unfortunately not. Everyone needs to register individually.

How much does it cost to visit RoboBusiness Europe?

The Exhibition of RoboBusiness Europe 2018 is free if you register online before 9 February 2018. Tickets can be otherwise purchased for €75,- on site at the registration desk on each day of the show.

What is the best way to travel to the venues?

For more information on travelling to Rotterdam and all our venues, please take a look at Travel and Hotels.

Do I need a visa to travel to The Netherlands?

Before you travel to The Netherlands, check your visa requirements and make sure you have a valid visa if needed. Holders of non-standard passports and travel documents may have different entry requirements. Travellers who need to arrange a visa in advance to travel can request an invitation letter. Fore more information please contact us (info@robobusinessmedia.com or call +31 (0)157601618).

Do you have more information about Rotterdam?

Rotterdam is energetic and constantly changing. Rotterdam and its inhabitants never shy away from experimentation. In fact, they would rather seek it out. Like the Nieuwe Maas, a waterway that represents a powerful symbol for the city’s constant motion. Rotterdam is a city where the Make it Happen mentality can be seen and felt. Our city is supported by organisations and people that make a clear choice for Rotterdam and add their own take on the Rotterdam mentality and ‘can do’ spirit. Whether you are an inhabitant, a visitor, a student or an entrepreneur.

Living, visiting, studying, doing business… experience the dynamic diversity of #Rotterdam from morning to night in this new short film (1’41”). The city plays the leading role, but the film is also a stage for people interacting with each other and with the city. Of course the film features the main attractions and hotspots. Urban aspects like architecture, festivals, events, art and culture, going out, the port, sports, green environment, education, entrepreneurship and innovation, connectivity and transport also feature in this production. Rotterdam. Make it Happen.

More information about Rotterdam

Promotional film was made Firma Film

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