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Tom Bonkenburg

Tom Bonkenburg is a partner in St. Onge Company, an international supply chain engineering and consulting firm. Since its founding in 1983, St. Onge Company has preformed over 3000 assignments for over 500 clients in over 40 countries and now has offices in the US, Europe, Middle East, and Asia.

For the past 18 years Tom has helped top companies design and implement innovative distribution and manufacturing centers. Many of his consulting efforts have focused on custom automation and robotics within the distribution and warehousing environment. His past clients have included companies such as Amazon, Dell Computer, Johnson & Johnson, Wal-Mart, ExxonMobil, Baxter Healthcare, Proctor & Gamble, Samsung, Unilever, Adidas, Dow Corning, Kraft Foods, Merck, Urban Outfitters, Lockheed Martin, Stryker, Vistaprint, Becton Dickinson, FedEx Ground, Boston Scientific, and PepsiCo among others.

Mr. Bonkenburg has been interviewed by publications such as DC Velocity, Project Management Magazine and the Wall Street Journal. He often speaks at events for organizations such as the Material Handling Industry of America, the European Brands Association, The Supply Chain Council, SAPICS, Logicon, the Robotics Industry Association, and the Beverage Supply Chain Collaboration Forum.

Tom currently lives in the Netherlands where he leads St. Onge Company’s European office.

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