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Tjibbe Bouma

Dr Tjibbe Bouma is chairman of SPRINT Robotics.

Bouma started his career as a  physicist. After finishing his PhD at Utrecht University, the Netherlands, he joined RTD, at the time one of the leading global industrial service providers for inspection and currently know as Applus.  After various roles as development engineer and operational manager, he became manager of the RTD Development & Systems group, covering mechatronics and application design and implementation. He left RTD in 2002 to found Vantage NDT, an international business developing advanced inspection solutions.  After divesting this company in 2007 he became Applus Regional Director Asia-Pacific based in Singapore, a position he held for 4 years. In 2011 he founded Quasset, a now well established solutions provider for integrated asset management solutions both for petrochemical industry and public infrastructure. He has been actively involved in implementation of robotic solutions since 2011, and became the founding chairman of the SPRINT Robotics Collaborative in 2015. Since then SPRINT Robotics has become the leading global organization for implementation of Inspection & Maintenance Robotics with strong support from end users in the industry, including most internationally leading oil & gas majors.

Track: Robotics for Inspection & Maintenance

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