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Sjoerd van der Zwaan

Sjoerd van der Zwaan is Chief Technology Officer of 2Getthere.

2Getthere markets people mover systems based on fleets of self driving vehicles. The company deployed world’s first permanent level 4 automated system already in 2006 (Parkshuttle Rotterdam) where it continues to transport 2000 persons per day, having transported millions of passengers already and exceeding a million km in mileage with a fleet of  6 robotic shuttle buses. Capitalizing on that experience, the company also realized the Masdar PRT system in 2010, a truly on demand system providing last mile transit based on robotic shared vehicles deployed in a network topology,  implementing on demand “ taxi”  like transit for the last mile. Currently, the company is testing its latest 3rd generation robotic shuttle bus dedicated to a new reference project in the middle east and the renewal of the Parkshuttle in Rotterdam. The latter will be transformed in the world’s first autonomous system operating on public roads without a safety driver or steward on board. During this presentation you will be guided through the company’s reference projects and markets, introduced to the technology and get updated about the company’s DNA and ambition for the (near) future.

Track: Intelligent Vehicles

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