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Peter Verheijen

Certificates/ Graduates:

Master of Safety, Health and Environment, MoSHE (TU Delft)
3rd mate all ships (Hogere Zeevaartschool Rotterdam, bachelor)
2nd mate all ships
Master of all kind of inland vessels, dangerous goods certificate, radar certificate
Accident Investigation, University Cranfield, UK


1 year on a ship with a gross tonnage less than 4000 (feeders)
6 years mate / master mariner tugboats (sea-going and inland)
5 years master on all kind of inland vessels
2 years superintendent (oil) pollution control (Port of Rotterdam)
2 years as teacher at a nautical institute
15 years project manager of maritime accidents worldwide at the Dutch Safety Board
2 years as director maritime and offshore innovation at Centre of Expertise, Rotterdam university of applied sciences

Accident investigation activities:

A report on a complex collision between 3 ships on a canal
Part of the research team investigating ship stability in general and the causes of rudder failure (both thematic approaches)
An investigation to VTS in the Netherlands in relation with traffic services in the other modalities
An investigation to a broken inland vessel
Safety study to public transport by hydrofoils
MPV Costa Concordia investigation, Italy. -representative of the Dutch authorities

Vice chairman European Maritime Accident Investigation International Forum 2014, Rotterdam
Owner AIP consultancy

Track: Autonomous Harbor

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