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Nico Nijenhuis

Nico Nijenhuis studied Mechanical Engineering specializing in Fluid Dynamics at the Faculty of Engineering Technology, University of Twente, Enschede, The Netherlands. His Master thesis was titled: ‘Towards the development of bird-like flapping robots: Wind tunnel testing the Robird Peregrine Falcon’

Nico Nijenhuis is Co-founder and CEO of Clear Flight Solutions, a company that develops and commercializes Robirds, remotely piloted robotic birds with the highly realistic appearance, weight and performance of real birds. The Robirds fly through a unique patented flapping wing principle and have the flight performance of real birds. Robirds are extremely effective in bird control at for instance airports, waste management sites, harbours and in agriculture.

Track: TUS Expo Conference Speaker – The Future of Unmanned

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