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Michael Lucas

Dr Michael Lucas is an innovator, designer, and chartered professional engineer from Australia. He currently holds the position of Distribution Centre Design Manager at Woolworths Limited, with particular focus on applying advanced technology in their new and existing grocery and fresh food distribution networks.

Michael has run startup businesses in fields as varied as animation, furniture, engineering and IT and he has also worked in Senior Management for several large multinationals, with one role applying robotics and artificial intelligence to inspection and repair tasks with R&D responsibility for the Asia Pacific, another as Lead Consultant for manufacturing, food and beverage with a large automation integrator and recently leading the global engineering team for a clean energy technology company.

Michael is listed as the inventor on several patents, including agricultural products, beverage merchandising products, software, robotics, materials handling and oil processing. He has a PhD in Mechatronics Engineering that explored the industrial anthropology & sociology of designers designing in addition to inventing a modular robotics prototyping system and graphically based behavioural programming language for mechatronic devices.

Track: Robotics for Agri-Food

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