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Kees Pieters

Kees Pieters PhD has a background in electro-technical engineering and was amongst the first generation of mechatronics engineers in the Netherlands, with well over ten years of experience in machine construction and robotics. After completing his Master’s degree in computer science, with a specialisation in artificial intelligence, he switched to the Dot-Com start-ups and focused more on complex data and serious gaming. In 2015 he founded his company Condast, which dedicates itself to projects concerning Big Data, embedded systems, software engineering and consultancy.

In 2010  he defended his PhD in a methodological research on the consequences of complex systems and complexity thinking. His research revolved around the question if insights from this area could assist in developing a cooperative framework for multidisciplinary research and development. Ever since he has also developed a keen interest in the societal impact of robotics and information technology. Since 2013, his position as research professor at research centre Sustainable PortCity of the Rotterdam University of Applied Science has given him ample opportunity to apply this broad experience and interest for current developments in robotics and in the maritime industry.

Track: Autonomous Harbor

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