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Joris Jaspers

Dr. Jaspers holds a permanent position at the University Medical Centre (UMC) in Utrecht, the Netherlands. He has been leading the department Medical Technology Innovation since 2008. The work of Joris Jaspers focuses on the development, clinical feasibility and valorisation of Devices that support and may replace medical workforce (labour saving medical devices). The devices that are developed or investigated have the potential of being as low-tech as possible, ergonomic, easy to use, affordable and have commercial potential. His R&D projects focus on products for Operating- and Intervention-Room staff. The appointment of Associate Professor Labour Saving Medical Devices confirmed his role as a result driven innovation liaison with departments within and organisations outside the UMC Utrecht such as (international) companies and other (international) public entities.

Since January 2017 he is also involved in a start-up company, Lapara Surgical BV, as CTO. The first product Lapara Surgical will bring to market is the MIA, the MIA will make laparoscopy widely available, by adressing the three pillars: clinical, economical, and labour. Clinical benefits -shorter, less painfull recovery and less scarring- are maintained by a minimally invasive approach.

Track: Robotics for Health

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