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Björn D’hoop

Björn D’hoop (1981) works currently as an international breeding manager for cucumber at Rijk Zwaan since 2015. In 2004 he obtained my MSc in bioengineering sciences from the University of Ghent with specialisation in biotechnology. At the end of 2004 he decided to continue my career with a PhD study in plant breeding at the university of Wageningen in the Netherlands which led to a PhD dissertation entitled “Association mapping in tetraploid potato”. He set up an association mapping panel and collected and analysed phenotypic and genotypic data. With this data set they could unravel the population structure and linkage disequilibrium pattern in tetraploid potato. By combining the genotypic and phenotypic data into a mixed model they detected many marker-trait associations that could serve in marker assisted breeding applications but also formed leads for further in-depth research towards functional and biological understanding of complex traits. He continued this research for another two years as a postdoctoral researcher at the same lab working more towards the application of the results. In 2011 he started working for Rijk Zwaan as a genomic breeder in fruit crops where he was active in the interplay between breeding and research guiding and facilitating the breeders in the dynamic process of transition towards the use of more state of the art methodology and technology. In his current role as breeding manager he is leading together with his direct colleague a global team of about 45 people that together work on the development of the next generation cucumber and gherkin varieties worldwide.

Theme: Robotics for Agri-Food



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